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Offshore Projects

Dredging and reclamation projects

Many port facilities are constructed on reclaimed land and nearly all developments require dredging to meet navigational requirements. We have major experience in both dredging and reclamation projects and has developed adept skills in balancing the various requirements to achieve best value for money and to minimize environmental impacts.

We have undertaken various dredging and reclamation projects all over the world including Europe, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and United Kingdom. In many cases the projects have involved associated reclamation works and in some instances the main purpose of dredging has been to provide source materials for reclamation.

Our projects include creation of new navigation channels or deepening of existing channels, port basins and vessel turning circles, trenches for tunnels and pipelines and creation of new land areas for various forms of infrastructure development.

Recent dredging and reclamation projects include:

  • New Suez Canal Project.
  • Port Said (new side channel).
  • Deepening the East Suez Canal container terminal project.
  • Dredging the internal roads of Alexandria port.
  • Corniche upgrade at Alexandria.
  • Burullus project.
  • Abu Qir port Dredging and reclamation project

Active projects: The “Abu Qir New City”

It will be the first Egyptian and African city of the fifth generation cities and the first Egyptian city built entirely inside an artificial island. The new city is being implemented on an area of 1400 acres inside the sea and includes a huge series of luxury towers and attached to it is the largest commercial port on the Mediterranean Sea "New Abu Qir Port". The city and the port are carried out by the Belgian company Deme in a collaboration with Our Agency and the largest equipment of its kind in the world. The backfill rates are currently 2 km inside the sea.

** WE proudly take on the task of receiving the world's most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredger ‘SPARTACUS’, in collaboration with DEME Group.

SPARTACUS will provide unrivalled production rates and pumping power and starts its first assignment at the Abu Qir project in Egypt.

Oil and Gas Projects

With rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry faces increased challenges and opportunities across the value chain. In emerging markets, the industry faces unique challenges – including evolving government regulations and increasing competition.

With a number of key gas discoveries made in Egypt over the past few years, the Egyptian government has set its sights on transforming the country into a regional hub for natural gas. Announcements made for investments in oil and gas projects have been valued at USD 830 million and USD 17.1 billion respectively through to 2024.

As a leading maritime agency in Egypt, we partner with oil and gas companies and technology providers across the region. We provide services to every phase of project delivery in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

Infrastructure Projects

We help partner countries apply globally accepted best practices in construction and engineering, which helps attract private investment and expertise

Our in-house commercial expertise uniquely positions us to provide advice and services to the government on an array of large commercial transactions.

business negotiations. This work spans a range of initiatives in the health care, transportation, energy and financial sectors.

Our goal is to provide sound advice, oversee fair and transparent processes, maximize the return on investment and protect the public interest.