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Operation Services


We have managed to obtain several rebates from SCA for the vessels transiting the Suez Canal through our good relations with concerned Authorities, as we have operated in our area for in excess of thirty years we have a very strong working relationship with the Suez Canal Authority and all relevant Government Agencies in the Commercial Maritime Sector in Egypt. This relationship built over a number of years enables us to speak directly with the decision makers at the Suez Canal Authority for the benefit of our clients.

North Bound Suez Canal Convoy

  • The limit time for vessels to join the Northbound convoy is 2300 Hrs lt (gmt + 2hours)
  • SCA consider arrival time by passing north of lat 29 42'.8 n and is limited by long. 32 23'.1 e & long. 32 41'.5 e, regardless anchorage time.
  • Arriving after 2300 Hrs till 0000 Hrs can join the convoy against the payment of a surcharge equal to 5% of the normal transit dues with maximum of 12500 SDR.
  • Ships arriving after 0000 Hrs until 0100 Hrs can also join convoy against the payment of a surcharge equal to 10% of the normal transit dues with maximum of 25000 SDR.
  • Vessels arriving after 0100 Hrs may join the convoy, if traffic conditions permit, against the payment of a surcharge equal to 12% of the normal transit dues with maximum of 30000 SDR.

Southbound Suez Canal Convoy

  • 2300 HRS lt (gmt+2hrs) is the arrival limit time for joining the southbound convoy.
  • SCA consider arrival time upon passing south of lat. 31 28.7n regardless anchorage time.
  • Arriving after 2300 hrs till 0000 hrs. can join the southbound convoy against the payment of a surcharge equal to 5% of the normal transit dues with maximum of 12500 SDR.
  • Arriving after 0000 hrs till 0100 hrs can join the southbound convoy against the payment of a surcharge equal to 10% of the normal transit dues with maximum of 25000 SDR.
  • Arriving after 0100 hrs may join the southbound convoy, against the payments of a surcharge equals to 12% of the normal transit due s with a maximum of 30000 SDR if the convoy situation permits.

Documents required

  • Ship's Registry Certificate.
  • List of Last 10 Port Calls (Stamped).
  • Arrival Crew List (Stamped).
  • Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate with Its Calculation Sheet.
  • ITC (1969).
  • Classification Certificate.
  • SCA’s Pre-Arrival Form & Suez Canal Transit Forms Which Should Be Filled Prior arrival.
  • NIL List
  • Cargo Manifest.
  • Stowage Plan.
  • The Attached Weapons Engagement.
  • Whether Any Crew Change Will Be Carried Out During Suez Canal Transit Or Otherwise.

Rules of Navigation + SCA Circulars + Navigation circulars


Port Call

Salvage Agent

Marine salvage operations rescuing, repairing and refloating ship, its cargo and crew and other properties from unforeseen imminent peril which must accomplished rapidly and without delay in order to repair, remove ship wreck and clear out the passage for further navigation and also reduce marine pollution.

Husbandry services

We act as your port partner by providing all solutions for your husbandry with whatever and wherever needed.

Crew Change Handling

  • Air travel ticketing
  • Airport Assistance meet and transfers
  • Accommodation in hotels
  • Medical checkups
  • Launch boat services and port transfers

Maritime security agent

  • Providing all formalities for security teams activity (Embarkation/Disembarkation) in all the Egyptian Ports, grounded on years of experience in Security service sector.
  • Approved liaison with Egyptian Navy weapons storage facility in Egyptian Ports.

Cash to Master

  • Safe Delivery of cash to Master against proper and fair agency rates for (Bank Charges + Handling Charges)

Supply of Stores and Provision

One-Stop Ship-Service Station Offering Expert Care for all kind of Supplies

  • Provisions and bond stores
  • Technical stores
  • Marine Safety & Rescue Equipment
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • LUB. OIL

Hull and Rig towage

  • Hull
  • Rig towage


Covering all Egyptian ports by the physical presence and acting as shipping agents in the Egyptian Market for more than 40 Years, we can attend all types of Agency calls including the necessary clearance and Bunkering permits for Bunker calls only, knowing the rules and regulations for all Egyptian ports giving us a privilege and enabling us to advise our clients about the most economical locations for bunker only calls in addition to the professional operations team whom are capable of updating the client’s 24/7 on the bunkering schedule, landing and dispatching of the bunker samples and any other service related to bunkering.

Repair service

Ship Repair sector deals with ships while moored to the repair piers or while docked offering a comprehensive docking services from hull maintenance and repair , mechanical and electric equipment maintenance and repair , valve maintenance and repair and hydraulic systems for controlling and steering equipment. In addition to that the whole outfitting and repair quays are also available as repair facilities for ship’s afloat (a long side)

Sludge and Garbage disposal

Quick, responsible and discreet removal of Marine Waste, after weeks at sea, all your ship’s waste needs to be removed and fresh supplies loaded on board within a matter of hours. Our marine waste services can remove it quickly, responsibly and discreetly - even with the tightest of turnarounds.