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Logistics Services

With highly qualified staff and with a long experienced third parties specialized in National and International transport of goods, including exceptional cargoes, we are able to follow and carry out every phase of the loading and unloading of goods by ideal type of transport. Furthermore, the storage of goods is available to customers enabling logistics services at competitive costs. Efficient logistics information can help with smart logistics services imperative to each logistics requirement. Our most important skill is the ability to remain calm in a fast-paced environment and to be able to respond to problems as soon as they arise. We always remain level-headed, well-organized and detail-oriented. We always have a plan for all the details but we remain adaptable and flexible enough to change plans as needed.


Our network of principals including charterers, owners and operators allows us to secure the most appropriate vessel for each client’s requirements. Spot charters, time charters, and Contracts of Affreightment can be provided in accurate and dependable rates and voyage estimates.

To help us find a ship for you, please see to provide the following information:

  • Cargo name and its Stowage Factor i.e. cubic meters per metric ton (SF)
  • Port of loading and Loading rates (X tons per day)
  • Port of discharge and Discharge rates (X tons per day)
  • Date of cargo readiness for loading
  • Contract Limitations e.g. shallow draft, vessel loading/unloading gear, vessel age, flag and register of shipping etc.
  • Company data of the shipper and company data of the receivers.
  • Expected freight rate per Metric Ton.

Cargo operations

Having in-depth understanding of local factors affecting the operations of your cargo; this might include terminal conditions, transport infrastructure, berthing conditions and regulatory and customs procedures, we are committed to offering the best cargo operations service. Pre-arrival planning for your port call, followed by all in-port services needed, and finally post port departure follow up and reporting, will insure best performance for your cargo operations and customer satisfaction accumulation for your cargo owners.

  • All Types of Cargos
  • Technical Support
  • Site Survey and Feasibility Studies
  • Multi-Model Transport (Rail, Tug, Barge, and Heavy Lift)
  • Special Equipment Transport (Flat Racks, Open Tops, Platforms, and Artificial Tween Deck Solution)
  • Freight Negotiation (COA Negotiation and Long Term Rate Validities)
Air freight

Air freight offers less handling points compared to sea and road freight, the risk of loss, theft or damage is minimal.Our specialized and trained staff to handle a wide range of shipments help you to cover virtually every destination in the world. We operate extensive air freight network and offer the fastest way of transporting Shipments, making world a smaller place. It is especially effective for shipping time-sensitive products over longer distances. We are proud of our ability to cater to your needs 24 hours a day, every time, everywhere.Our services include: air freight, air cargo, expedited ground transport and just in time delivery for the time critical shipping business.

  • Express – Fast Transit Time
  • Consolidated – Economical Routing
  • Airline Container Loading and Handling
  • Scheduled Cargo Arrivals and Departures
  • Aircraft Charters (Large and Valuable Shipments)
  • Customer Support Team 24/7
  • Monitoring, Tracking, and Tracing
Sea freight

Our team gets your cargo on the vessel that best suits your needs. We take your ocean freight across the world with our shipping services from over 300 ports. We help enable small and medium-sized businesses to grow as we connect your business globally and simplify your end-to-end logistics in the process. LCL shipping or consolidation enables you to ship your cargo without having to fill a container. If your cargo needs to be transported at a controlled temperature, refrigerated service for your perishable goods can be arranged. For non-containerized Load or bulky goods, our project cargo division will take care of it with tailor-made freight solutions.

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Booking your Cargo
  • Best Time-to-Cost Ratio
  • Pick-up, Delivery, and Distribution
  • Detailed Information of Cargos’ Movement
  • Documentation Management
  • Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services
  • Special Cargo Handling (Bulk, Liquid, Reefer, and RoRo)
Customs Clearance

To avoid any unnecessary delays, disruptions or hampered deliveries, we help you cut through the complexity of the customs clearance process. Integrated customs clearance secure smooth procedure of customs declaration in different customs zones and unified management of clients’ requirements across Egypt. We guarantee smooth operations through customs IT system for clients, and centralized processing for customs clearance in all Egyptian ports.

We offer custom clearance for:

  • Import & Export consignments by sea
  • Import & Export consignments by air
  • Import and Export TAX
  • Customs Formal Clearance
  • Project cargo clearances
  • Obtaining the commercial documentation on your behalf
  • Arranging paperwork to meet local customs regulation
  • Bonding / ex-bonding of consignments
  • Re-export / re-import customs clearance