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The most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredger

The most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredger in the world arrives to participate in the national project of developing Abu Qir port.

CEO at Nextshoot Maritime Agencies (Egypt)

After DEME Group –which considered as the biggest company for constructing ports in Europe- received the most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredger in the world “SPARTACUS” which is designed for breaking through the most solid rocks with unprecedented pumping & production rates. SPARTACUS arrived

Egypt for its first mission on the Nineteenth of August to work besides many of the working dredgers in Abu Qir project.

NextShoot Maritime Agencies (Egypt)-the agent of DEME Group in Egypt provided all the facilities for receiving the giant dredger with coordination with official authorities and Egyptian Navy.

DEME Group assigned their agent in Egypt to provide logistic needs especially for the mentioned giant dredger, besides daily activities for the requirements of other dredgers working in the project.

DEME Group received the giant SPARTACUS from ROYAL IHC Arsenal prior arriving Egypt with few days which required to provide many of logistic requirements to start operating the dredger. The requirements including providing many engineers and labors to work as crew on the dredger, besides tons of equipment and devices which shipped by air and sea to start working with mentioned newly built dredger with reasonable efficiency.

NextShoot Maritime Agencies (Egypt) continuously worked around the day before and after the arrival of the giant dredger to provide a feature logistic service to fulfill all requirements with full safety standards with record-timing could be compared with international rates of the field of logistic and maritime services.

It is known that the national project of developing Abu Qir Port is an enormous project aiming to replace 1000 hectares of soil and to deepening for port seaway to be 23m and to dredge a basin with 22m deepness. The drilling output will exceed 150 Million m3. And also the naval activities are including 6800m of new quays and 8800 of breakwater walls and soil development works.

The mentioned gargantuan project is creating a new land space for expanding and developing Abo Qir which planned to be a commercial center complementing Alexandria.

Also a multipurpose big port facility will be developed beside Abu Qir containers terminal which is recently under construction.

NextShoot Maritime Agencies – the agent of DEME in Egypt is considered as a partner of the success of mentioned giant project by providing all logistic requirements and to facilitate all difficulties for continuing the journey towards the dream of EGYPT 2030 by the efforts loyal sons of Egypt under the wise leadership of the state to move towards its proper prestige.

Mr. Sayed Helmy

CEO of NextShoot Maritime Agencies (Egypt)